Primary Education Yearbook 2006 / 2007
UK edition

Edited by Pearson Education
October 2006
Pearson Educatuion
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 0131568698
832 pages
$250.00 Paper Original

The Primary Education Yearbook 2006/07 is the UK’s most comprehensive source of information on primary education provision in the UK.
Covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this Yearbook contains detailed information for:

Designed for use as a one-stop guide, the Primary Education Yearbook 2006/07 contains details of over 25,000 education professionals, ensuring you are able to find exactly who you want to contact, both quickly and efficiently.

Chapter 1. Central Government
Chapter 2. Local Government
Chapter 3. Nursery Schools
Chapter 4. Primary Schools
Chapter 5. Independent Primary Schools
Chapter 6. Middle Schools
Chapter 7. Special Schools

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