Design Energetics
The Ancient Pulse of Feng Shui in the Modern World


By Michael Warden
February 2009
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780954635602
367 Pages, Illustrated
$112.50 Hardcover

A revolutionary look at the co-evolution of people and their habitat, which suggest that our health, our relationships, our emotional well-being, our sleep patterns, and even our commercial successes have definite links to what is around us in our homes and workplaces, as well as the wider landscape / cityscape. The author takes us on a tour of the evidence for such suggestions from the beginnings of history through Chinese 'Feng Shui' to the work of contemporary architects, psychologists and leading exponents of the new sciences of systems theory. Best of all he begins a synthesis of old and new perspectives which can be used at every level of design to transform our environment and our lives.



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