International Macroeconomics

By A.J. Makin
March 2002
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-36992-4
224 Pages
$92.50 paper original


With the increasing globalisation of most economies, the importance of understanding how international linkages affect macroeconomic performance has never been greater. This text presents the core theoretical frameworks of international macroeconomics to explain the significance and behaviour of exchange rates, international competitiveness, interest rates, capital flows, current account balances, foreign investment, foreign debt and economic growth in open economies.

The book also examines traditional macroeconomic concerns such as inflation and unemployment, and the operation and effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policies, but from a perspective that stresses an economy's integration with global markets for goods, services and assets from start to finish. It is suitable for university students of macroeconomics, international economics and international business and also for professional economists. Topics covered include- the globalization debate, exchange rate behavior , tradables, non-tradables and the terms of trade, saving, investment and the external accounts the effectiveness of macroeconomic policy , asset markets, interest rates and exchange rates , wages, employment and unemployment , foreign investment and foreign debt , economic growth in open economies.

Tony Makin, Reader in Economics at The University of Queensland, has published widely in economics journals and is also the author of Global Finance and the Macroeconomy. He has previously served as a senior economist in the Australian Departments of Finance and Treasury and has represented Australia at forums of the Pacific Economic Co-operation Council on macroeconomic issues.

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