Mathematics for Economics & Business, 8th ed


By: Ian Jacques
October 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292058894
672 Pages, Illustrated
$97.50 Paper Original


If you want to increase your confidence in mathematics then look no further!

Assuming little prior knowledge, this market-leading text is a great companion for those who have not studied mathematics in depth before. Breaking topics down into short sections makes each new technique you learn seem less daunting. This book promotes self-paced learning and study, as students are encouraged to stop and check their understanding along the way by working through practice problems.


  • Many worked examples and business related problems.
  • Core exercises now have additional questions, with more challenging problems in starred exercises which allow for more effective exam preparation.
  • Answers to every question are given in the back of the book, encouraging students to assess their own progress and understanding.
  • Wide-ranging topic coverage suitable for all students studying for an Economics or Business degree.