Victory in Europe?
Britain & Germany Since 1945

By Lee Sabine
July 2001
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582294835
304 pages, Illustrated, 4 " x 8 "
$57.50 Hardcover

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With the debate about Europe constantly in the headlines, this examination of the important and tricky post-war relationship between German and Britain compares their different roles, outlook and development.

In the wake of a devastated continent, this relationship has been one of the central axes of the development of post-war Europe and crucial in terms of recent British history. Sabine Lee considers broad issues such as the comparative senses of national identity, destiny and direction, and the respective roles of Germany and Britain in Europe and in the world community at large. With Germany now reunited and at the head of the new Europe, and Britain in the process of devolution and struggling to retain the special relationship with the United States, this is an important and topical book.


1. Victory in Europe? Britain and Germany Since 1945.
2. 1945-1949: Victor and Vanquished.
3. 1949-1955: Power and Sovereignty.
4. 1955-1963: Europe or Not Europe?
5. 1963-1969/70: Burying the Hatchet: West- and Ostpolitik in Europe.
6. 1969-1974: Détente in Europe.
7. 1974-1979: Backtracking?
8. 1979-1989: Cold War and Beyond.
9. 1989-1991: Friend of Foe? Britain and German Unification.
10. 1991-1997/8: Growing Together-Growing Apart: Germany, Britain and Europe.
11. Epilogue: Whose Victory in Europe?


• Breadth of discussion of bilateral relations within the international context - facilitates understanding of developments such as European integration, the Cold War and US-European relations.
• Broad base of primary and secondary sources from Germany, Britain, France and the US - gives reader access to contemporary assessments of events.
• Integrative approach to economic, political and security issues allows for a comparative analysis - reader understands international relations as an area where different issues impact upon each other.
• Broad yet precise introduction - key themes and comparative framework of analysis are clearly presented.
• glossary - clarifies unfamiliar concepts and foreign language terminology.


" a highly readable book with interesting conclusions"
Contemporary Review

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