Introduction to XML
& Web Technologies

By Anders Moller & Michael Schwartzbach
March 2006
Addison-Wesley / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0321269667
$97.50 paper original

This thoroughly class tested text and online tutorial gives a complete introduction to the essentials of the XML standard. It will teach students how to apply web technologies to develop XML based web applications. Through the book, the student will build applications that work together to construct interesting and workable web applications.



I: XML Technologies

1. HTML and Web Pages

2. XML Documents

3. Navigating XML Trees with XPath

4. Schema Languages

5. Transforming XML Documents with XSLT

6. Querying XML Documents with XQuery

7. XML Programming

II: Web Technologies

8. The HTTP Protocol

9. Programming Web Applications with Servlets

10. Programming Web Applications with JSP

11. Web Services

12. A Complete Application



* Relies exclusively on open source Java software, and will be tied closely to the online material.
* Contains a finely tuned progression of ideas, examples and details.
* Shows how to use XML in modern web applications.
* Backs up a thorough treatment of its key points with clear, practical examples.
* Offers insight and understanding of the concepts, their importance and their application.
* Offers a rigorous look at existing standards.

Additional Support Material

* Learning outcomes.
* Links to relevant online resources.
* Online tests.
* Live code for all examples and applications.

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