Seven Visions of God

By G.S. Irving
September 2002
Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-687-3
156 pages, Illustrated, 5 1/2 x 8 3/4"
$31.95 Hardcover

"Our minds cannot escape a belief in evidence and reason." Taking this proposition as a starting point, the seven parts of this book examine ways of regarding and conversing with God - as seen from both occidental and oriental viewpoints. The insights into God shown in the Gospels, Pentateuch, Koran and Tao te-king are all considered and studied, and the author's personal interpretations are explored in a series of poems; a dramatized set of dialogues, built around the historical figure of Alexander the Great, sets up a discussion about temporal power and spiritual enlightenment; and a group of propositions about the reality and nature of God brings in the words of famous philosophers and authors throughout the ages.

Each vision is different in presentation and often its conclusions - particularly the seven contrasts and four alternatives that are examined in the vision about Jesus - but all combine to produce a unified and persuasive outlook that balances the fear of the unknown with the certainties of the Divine.

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