Parents' Book of Checklists:
From Toddlers to Teenagers
How to Understand Your Child's Behaviour
& Get the Best from Them

By Sally Coulthard
September 2007
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273712794
192 pages, 6 x 9 1/4"
$33.50 Paper


A life-saving list of what to expect, what to know, what to do and what to say.

In the Parents’ Book of Checklists: From Toddlers to Teenagers you’ll find fast practical advice for all those moments when you are unsure of what to do or say. This second book in the series covers situations you’re likely to encounter bringing up of children from toddler age right through to the teenage years.

The wide ranging and salient advice covers a whole host of circumstances and common parenting issues from finding babysitters and dealing with bedwetting, to talking to older children about smoking, drugs, sex and puberty.

Designed to be easy to dip into, you’ll find over 90 checklists covering all the essentials.
Find out how to prepare for key family events, like going on holiday or visiting relatives; learn how you can help prevent children and teenagers from falling into some common traps and also what you should look out for on general health issues and subjects like food and disorders, behaviour, money, love and sex.

The Parents’ Book of Checklists: From Toddlers to Teenagers  
is the handbook for every parent.


Sally Coulthard is a writer and working mum, whose books focus on the home, whether it is interior design, green living or family life. Her writing also appears in a wide range of magazines and newspapers

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