Brilliant Supply Teacher
What You Need to Know to be a Truly Outstanding Teacher

By Laurence French
May 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9781408284810
213 pages
$32.50 Paper Original

As a supply teacher you will be faced with the unfamiliar. You may find yourself in a school that you have never been to before. The students may be strangers to you … and you to them, of course; subjects that you teach will not necessarily be your own specialisms; you may not have built up working relationships with the other staff. Faced with these challenges, prepare yourself for any eventuality with the help of Brilliant Supply Teacher.

Through hints, tips and anecdotal advice Laurence French provides a practical guide to the day-to-day aspects of supply teaching to help make this important school role more enjoyable and fulfilling.



Author acknowledgements


Chapter 1: What are supply teachers and who becomes one?

Chapter 2: Finding work and getting started

Chapter 3: The life of a supply teacher

Chapter 4: It’s just a phase I’m going through

Chapter 5: Lesson planning

Chapter 6: Make friends with the internet

Chapter 7: Survival in the classroom

Chapter 8: Would you mind leaving the staffroom …?

Chapter 9: The future of supply teaching




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