Black Peoples of America
Hodder History

By Douglas R. Featonby
June 2011
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780340790342
46 pages, Illustrated
$29.50 Paper original

The Black Peoples of America is an essential and unique Key Stage 3 resource for teaching and learning about the issues and events that characterise the history of Black peoples from Slavery up to the struggle for Civil Rights and life in modern America. It never lets go of the period's story, providing innovative and exciting opportunities to examine the Big Picture and Investigate particular topics. This foundation edition has been written for use with lower attainers and promotes literacy as well as knowledge and understanding. Discover how at least 12 million Black people were taken as slaves from Africa to America in the three hundred years after 1532 (and why at least two million died during the sea journey); how one slave hid in a box, 'posted' himself to freedom in the North and afterwards was know as Henry 'Box' Brown; and how Black people who volunteered to fight against slavery in 1861 were turned away because it was thought to be a 'White Man's War'!

Table of Contents:
1. Slavery comes to the Americas
2. Life on the American Plantations
3. The end of slavery in the Americas
4. The birth of the Civil Rights Movement
5. Challenges to segregation 1951-65
6. From the 1960s to the new millenium


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