Your Teacher Training Handbook

By Jim McGrath & Anthony Coles
May 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408255179
282 pages
$47.50 paper original

Your Teacher Training Skills Handbook will support you throughout your teacher training course, helping you develop both the academic and practical teaching skills required to achieve QTS with confidence. Written in a conversational style and following the progress of a fictional trainee teacher, Alex, use this book to not only develop your own skills, but to think about how you can pass those skills on to your learners.

Tutorial 1 How to make time and space for your studies.

Tutorial 2 How to find and read the literature you need.

Tutorial 3 How to improve your writing skills.

Tutorial 4 How to write your assignments.

Tutorial 5 How to building your teaching portfolio.

Tutorial 6 How to plan and deliver a presentation.

Tutorial 7 What you need to know to survive your placement.

Tutorial 8 What you need to know about classroom management.

Tutorial 9 What you need to know about effective lesson planning.

Tutorial 10 What you need to know about teaching methods.

Tutorial 11 What you need to know about learning styles and differentiation.

Tutorial 12 What you need to know about assessment and feedback.

Tutorial 13 How to deliver a successful lesson.

Tutorial 14 How to find your first job.

Glossary of terms

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