Scanners 5
5th Revised & Updated Edition

By Peter Rouse & Bill Robertson
November 2006
Special Interest Model Books
ISBN: 9781854862440
245 pages, Illustrated, 6 ¼” x 9”
$29.95 Paper Original

This latest edition continues the well-respected tradition of the Scanners series of books. Again being virtually re-written, it reflects the changing nature of radio communication and how, with readily available equipment, one can tune into all matter of two-way radio communications. 

All around us the airwaves are buzzing with messages, and this book provides useful and authoritative information on what equipment to choose, the importance of antenna type and siting, and how to get the very best from your system.  Portable, mobile and base monitoring is detailed, and how to tune into a wide variety of users ranging from land-based walkie-talkies to orbiting space stations using simple receiving equipment. 

Monitoring trunked and encrypted transmissions is also detailed, showing how these can also be received and decoded.  Finally, the use personal computers with scanners is covered in a comprehensive sections, showing how this combination can allow many types of radio signals to be decoded that would not be possible by using a receiver alone.

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