Treaty of Union 1689-1740

By Ian Johnston
April 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780340987568
146 pages, Illustrated
$33.50 Paper Original

The New Higher History series offers a full-colour, topic-based approach to the revised Higher History syllabus. Covering all of the main issues within each topic area, this series includes investigative techniques, use of evidence and a variety of activities to enable students to develop the necessary skills to tackle both essay-based and source-based questions successfully.

This book investigates the political and economic changes in Scotland during this period, looking at: the constitutional, social and religious situation in 1689; causes of the worsening relationship with England, including the Navigation Acts, Darien scheme, foreign wars and famine; the arguments for and against Union with England, including religious and economic considerations and the accessibility of colonies; the issue of Scottish identity and the varied attitudes within Scotland toward Union; reasons why the Treaty of Union was passed; the impact of Union in Scotland and the role that the Union played in the development of Scottish identity.

Table of Contents:
Problems in Anglo-Scottish Relations 1689-1705
Arguments for the Union
Arguments Against the Union
The Question of Bribery
The Passing of the Terms of Union in the Scottish Parliament
The Terms of Union
The Effects of Union
Conclusion - why did the Treaty of Union in 1707 happen?

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