How to Keep Calm & Carry On

Inspiring Ways to Worry Less & Live a Happier Life

By: Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman
January 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273777755
158 Pages
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You can start living a happy and worry-free life. Discover how, whatever life throws at you, you can keep calm and carry on.

Using the latest, proven-to-work techniques, leading psychologist Professor Daniel Freeman and psychology writer Jason Freeman harness all the leading research to help you overcome your worries, anxieties and fears so you feel more calm, composed and centred.


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Chapter 1: What is anxiety?

Chapter 2: Why you really can overcome your anxiety

Chapter 3: Tackling anxious thoughts

Chapter 4: More ways to tackle anxious thoughts

Chapter 5: Reducing worry

Chapter 6: Problem solving

Chapter 7: Tackling negative images

Chapter 8: Switching your focus of attention

Chapter 9: Boosting positive feelings

Chapter 10: Relaxing body and mind

Chapter 11: Improving your sleep

Chapter 12: How to eat (and drink) yourself to calmness

Chapter 13: What is an anxiety disorder and how do I go about getting more help?

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