Red Arrows
The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team in Action


By Jamie Hunter
September 2010
Touchstone Books
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780955102097
176 Pages, Illustrated
$47.95 Hardcover

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Red Arrows!' - these words are heard around the UK at air displays and other significant events throughout the year. Everyone has heard of the Red Arrows, and most people have seen a dynamic display by the team. Representing the very public face of the Royal Air Force, the Red Arrows serve to demonstrate the professionalism and excellence of the RAF and promote recruitment.

A Red Arrows display is always polished, always executed with precision, always breathtakingly exciting and always very, very impressive! Readers can find out what happens within the team, behind the scenes and in the air as the team put on their polished performance. Even before a display season ends the team is preparing for the next season, through winter and into spring the close knit team of flying and support staff operate to a gruelling schedule - flying up to four times each day. It's not just about the pilots; the Red Arrows team is a squadron of 100 dedicated people who strive to represent the best that the Royal Air Force has to offer.

This exciting new book reveals the Red Arrows like never before. Aviation photographer and author Jamie Hunter (author of best-seller, "Fighting Force: A Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force") has been allowed unprecedented access throughout the year to capture the action in dynamic photography - in the air, on the ground and behind the scenes. The pilots, the support team, the aircraft, the training - it is all included in this fabulously illustrated book from Touchstone, and proudly endorsed by the Royal Air Force.


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