Brilliant Relationships, 2nd edition
Your Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Keeping the Perfect Partner

By Annie Lionnet
May 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273770404
209 pages
$33.50 Paper Original

Your inspirational guide to relationship success, providing all the essential tools to ensure you have happy and healthy relationships. From establishing positive personal beliefs and expectations right through to creating and sustaining healthy and happy relationships, you will discover how to attract the perfect partner and feel completely fulfilled in your relationships.


- Improve or transform existing relationships

- Find out how to attract the perfect partner

- Understand why we repeat negative patterns and change these for good.



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1 Get to know you

2 Create positive beliefs and transform your expectations

3 Become a great communicator

4 Breaking up and moving on

The space in between

6 Transform your relationship patterns

7 Choose your perfect match

8 Enjoy balance and harmony in your relationships

9 Let go of the past

10 See your relationship as a work in progress

11 Live happily ever after


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