Essential Guide to Managing Teacher Stress

By Bill Rogers
April 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9781408261743
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
236 pages
$42.50 Paper Original

Bill Rogers, world-renowned expert in classroom management and teacher stress, focuses on peer-support to show you how to reduce stress levels, achieve a work-life balance and be a successful classroom teacher in The Essential Guide to Managing Teacher Stress. This is your definitive guide to coping with the stresses of the teaching profession and is designed to confront stress-causing factors in positive, supportive and practical ways.

Whether it’s the behaviour of a challenging class, the volume of paperwork or difficult relationships with colleagues causing you stress, Bill Rogers has the advice you need to make a difference.




Chapter 1: The dimensions of teacher stress

Chapter 2: The physiology of stress: what it does to us

Chapter 3: A lesson in London: stress in the classroom

Chapter 4: Beliefs, emotions, stress and our daily reality

Chapter 5: Anxiety and worry

Chapter 6: Anger: beyond frustration

Chapter 7: A behaviour management and discipline plan at the classroom level

Part A addresses key elements, practices and skills

Part B addresses balancing skills and practices

Chapter 8: Difficult and challenging students: follow-up and support

Chapter 9: Hard to manage classes: a collegial response

Chapter 10: Mentoring support for professional development in behaviour leadership

Chapter 11: Colleague support: auditing for stress and supporting each other






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