Software Development
Case Studies in JAVA

By Davide Brugali & Marco Torchiano
July 2005
Addison Wesley / Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0321117832
656 pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper Original

In order to be able to write good software, students will need to be familiar with a range of techniques; good programming practice, experience of problem solving, familiarity with development methodologies, and knowledge of software processes. This book takes a new approach to the teaching of software development. Using a collection of case studies, it takes the student through the whole life cycle of building an application, starting at problem formulation, requirements analysis, system design, and the detail of the Java coding and testing.

Each case study; -exploits object oriented concepts and techniques incrementally, with each case application getting more complex than the one before it -traces the path from problem statement through to implementation of the solution, giving guidance that is useful in subsequent case studies -gives a 'conceptual roadmap' where the student can follow the development of an application, and use those general principles in future software development -uses a different methodology, from a stand-alone application (computer simulator) to a distributed system (messaging server) through to a more complex system (workflow management system).

1. Reading guide
Part One Objects and Classes
1. Objects and classes
2. Scheduler
3. Classifier
4. Hardware description language
5. Multi-format calculator
Part Two Object Architectures
7. Object Architectures
8. Code documentation
9. Manufacturing work cell
10. Mobile robot exploration
11. Car parking
Part Three Distributed architectures
12. Distributed architectures
13. Supervisory control and data acquisition system
14. Supermarket operation support system
15. Geographic information system
16. Ubiquitous email
Part Four Object Frameworks
17. Object frameworks
18. Recoverable applications
19. Multi-modal interaction framework
20. Negotiation-based service configuration
21. Workflow management system

" The book puts object oriented principles to work in specific application domains, and shows how they help in building concrete applications.
" Good design is encouraged by the use of alternative solutions in each case study. Also, students are given tips on good practice and design pitfalls.
" UML is used throughout, emphasising the role of documentation in the design process.
" Each case study is accompanied by programming exercises, indicating possible extensions and revisions to the code.

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