Muslim Experience, 2nd edition
Seeking Religion

By J. F. Aylett & Kevin O'Donnell
December 2000
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340747704
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
64 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper original

The Seeking Religion series at KS3 offers a colourful, imaginative and easy-to-read resource for Religious Education.
It has been designed to provide a balanced, factual and culturally sensitive approach to the major world religions, along with opportunities for students to explore and reflect on their own beliefs and values.
This new edition has been reviesed and enlarged to reflect the necessary balance between the 'learning about' and 'learning from' approaches to Religious Education, and to offer a wider range of imaginative and challenging questions and activities for students.

Table of Contents:
1 Introducing Muslims
2 Awesome!
3 A man called Muhammed
4 The Message
5 Islam spreads
6 Jesus, Christians and Muslims
7 Holy Book - the Qu'ran
8 What Muslims believe
9 Prayer (salah)
10 At the Mospue
11 Imams
12 Zakah (charity)
13 Sawm (fasting)
14 Hajj (pilgrimage)
15 Birht and Death
16 Getting married
17 Family Life
18 Muslim women
19 Muslim festivals
20 Food and Drink
21 Muslim Groups
22 Islam Today
23 Islam's Gifts to the World



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