English Republic 1649-1660
2nd edition

By Toby Barnard
Nov 1997
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582080037
120 pages
$36.50 Paper original


The book begins by introducing the complicated events leading to the execution of Charles I in 1649 and then offers a detailed analysis of the political experimentation which followed. Toby Barnard argues that although the survival of the revolutionary order was bound up with Cromwell, and collapsed after his death, the regime defeated both its domestic and foreign enemies and was more stable than has often been thought. The book also investigates changes on the structures of power, on the ruling elites and in the localities.

Part One: The Background
1. England in 1649.
2. The army and Oliver Cromwell.
Part Two: Descriptive Analysis
3. The Rule of the Rump Parliament.
4. The First Phase of Godly Rule: The Barebones Parliament of 1653.
5. The First Phase of Healing and Settling: The Protectorate.
6. The Second Phase of Godly Rule: The Major-Generals 1655-1656.
7. The Second Phase of Healing and Settling: The Lord Protector 1656-1658.
8. Epilogue: Towards the Restoration of Charles II.
Part Three: Assessment
9. The Impact of the Regime.
Part Four: Documents.

* first published in 1982 this succinct Seminar Study has established itself as a very popular introduction
* revised throughout in the light of recent historiography and the Assessment Section has been completely rewritten
* written in a clear and economical style, the book assumes no prior knowledge of events

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