Vet Abroad

By Stuart Watson
June 1998
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-215-0
397 Pages, Illustrated
$34.95 hardcover

Having built up a thriving veterinary practice in Lincolnshire in the early 1960s, Stuart Watson's future seemed secure. But rather than continue with his practice, he decided instead to sell up and move to a remote part of Tanzania. There, Stuart worked as both a vet and a teacher, for little money and in primitive conditions. But whether tangling with lions and snakes, saving monkeys, coping with bouts of malaria and the danger of rabies, or dealing with Masai tribesman, Stuart always managed to keep his sense of humour intact. Filled with well-remembered detail and the authentic atmosphere of East Africa, Vet Abroad is a colourful memoir - gripping, funny and thoroughly absorbing.

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