It's a Viscount
Vicker's Viscount

By Nick Corrie
December 2002
ISBN: 0946995745
32 pages, Illustrated
$22.95 Paper

This is the concise illustrated history of the world's first turbine-powered passenger airliner. With its combined Vickers and Rolls Royce pedigree, the revolutionary turbo-prop Viscount was bought by some 60 airline operators in some 40 countries - it became a familiar sight in the skies around the world from 1948 to the late 1960s. It was this British aircraft which proved the viability of turbine-powered commercial flying until the advent of the jet. This is the story of the plane's development, it's first prototype test flight from Wisley, Surrey in 1948 and it's prestigious introduction to the public by British European Airways.

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