Cats & Doggerel

By Daphne Lanham
March 2013
Book Guild
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781846248238
114 pages
$25.95 Hardcover

Daphne Lanham s poems are simple, direct, funny and very charming. She has spent a lifetime closely observing her feline companions, and her love of their secret lives informs her words as well as her exquisite paintings and drawings. Here we can meet Poppy, whose inquisitiveness almost gets the better of her; Tom, the natural comedian who uses his milk dish as a rubbish bin; Shadow, nemesis of birds and mice; and Lulu, whose name is not what it might seem. Then there s Basil, who thinks he owns a caravan park; Cefur, aka Sid, who has a school as a second home and a job there as a teaching assistant; and timid stray, Oliver, who would love to join the Lanham household but isn t quite brave enough yet. Full of quirky humour and wry observations, Cats and Doggerel will be the purrfect gift for cat lovers of all ages.

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