Property Makeover Price Guide
Organising & Budgeting for Home Improvers & Developers
UK Edition

Edited By Building Cost Information Service
December 2007
Building Cost Information Service
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781904829522
207 Pages, Illustrated, 7 x 10"
$52.50 Hardcover

Property makeover is a common activity in the UK, as a means of improving a home and adding to its value. The market is enormous, yet few people understand the pitfalls and costs involved.

From an informed and unbiased source, this guide is designed to help homeowners (and developers) by providing: practical advice on how to plan building work; major property problems - the main problems and what they will cost to fix; alterations and extensions - the issues and typical costs; planning permissions and building regulations - they key considerations in England, Wales and Scotland; and, employing a contractor or builder - important considerations and advice.

Critically, do not pay early and especially, do not overpay early. Hold back a sum for retention (5 per cent) that will only be released when the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Prices for more than 1300 different types of work and almost 3500 items within Defects, Alterations and Project costs: Common Defects (e.g. replace gutters); Common Alteration Works (e.g. take out and install double glazed windows); and, Total Project Costs (e.g. add a conservatory). All the prices are at UK national average and adjustable for regional location. The prices include everything necessary to carry out the works such as labour, materials and call out charges.

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