Mountain Environments
Ecogeography Series

By Romola Parish
November 2001
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-41911-5
224 , Illustrated
$69.50 paper original

Mountain Environments integrates the physical and socio-economic environments of mountains from all over the world. It presents the opportunities and constraints that mountains and their resources offer to local and global populations and discusses the impacts of environmental and economic change, development and globalization on mountain environments.

Features: a well balanced treatment of physical and social environments, resources and current issues; creates an holistic, integrated view of mountains; provides an insight into areas of current research and development interest and an understanding of the approaches to these issues; case studies enhance the depth of study and generate wider interest in real-life simulations; key point summaries capture the main issues and concepts covered in each chapter.

Dr Romola Parish is an Honorary Lecturer in Geography, University of St Andrews.

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