Animals, Pets & Me & Feathers, Spikes & Fur


By: Gisela D. Pilot
December 2014
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781909984400
190 Pages, Illustrated
$34.50 Hardcover


A book for lovers of wildlife and nature, Gisela Pilot's latest work is infused with rich descriptions and insights into two private worlds: her own, and that of her wildlife garden. Part I is Gisela's autobiography, a fascinating and unusual account beginning in wartime Germany in 1945, and eventually moving to West Wales. Against an early backdrop of family disruption and impermanent homes, the constant thread is her love of nature and deep sense of connection with animals and birds of all kinds.

This follows through into Part II, a gentle and highly observant account of the wildlife she has observed in her garden over the years. Through regular feeding and a fiercely protective vigil against the neighbouring cats she has built a close and trusting relationship with the birds, hedgehogs and squirrels that frequent her garden. She has cared for them with dedication and love, watched them thrive, rejoiced at new births, and mourned at their tragedies too. Get to know these characters by name in her 60 short stories, each a vignette full of fascinating details and evocative description.