Drugs: A Parent's Guide, Revised Edition

A(cid) - Z(oot)

By Judy Mackie
May 2005
ISBN: 186144043X
104 Pages, Illustrated, 8" x 7 "
$23.50 Paper Original

This down-to-earth guide addresses the questions about the drugs that concern parents most. The author's 'get real' approach goes straight to the heart of the matter, giving parents the factual information they need to communicate with their children openly and honestly:

Why young people are attracted to drugs; the highs, lows and health risks of different drugs; the legal implications of being found with, or supplying, drugs; and How to develop a relationship of trust with young people. This book helps parents who think their child or their friends may be taking drugs, or are simply worried by the horror stories and headlines that can be used and developed to suit their particular situation.

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