Developments in Sociology

By Robert Burgess & Anne Murcott
April 2001
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582418550
352 pages
$69.50 Paper Original


Appropriate as a supplemental text to courses in Sociology. Providing an overview grounded in research. Developments in Sociology focuses on the major areas of theoretical, methodological and substantive developments in sociology. Each author takes a field of study in which they are an acknowledged expert and highlights the way in which the subject has developed over the last fifty years.

1. Introduction. 2. Theory, Meta-theory, and Discourse. 3. Postmodernism and Feminism in Social Theory. 4. Sociologists and the Survey. 5. Developments in Ethnographic and Qualitative Research. 6. Alternative Thoughts on Social Mobility. 7. The Underclass. 8. Sociology of Work and Employment. 9. Family Sociology. 10. Developments in the Sociology of Education. 11. Sociology of Religion. 12. Sociology of Crime and Deviance. 13. Sociology and Health. 14. Science and Technology Studies. 15. On the Cusp of the Cultural. 16. Developments in the Sociology of Gender and Women s Studies. 17. Social Policy and Welfare.

" Examines key issues and debates in sociology. " Contributions offer an authoritative and distinctive insight into the evolution of the major areas of sociology.

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