Engineering Mathematics, 4th edition
A Foundation for Electronic, Electrical, Communications & Systems Engineers


By Anthony Croft, et al.
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273719779
961 pages, Illustrated
$105.00 paper original


Engineering Mathematics is the leading undergraduate textbook for Level 1 and 2 mathematics courses for electrical and electronic engineering, systems and communications engineering students. It includes a basic mathematics review, along with all the relevant maths topics required for these engineering degrees.


New to this edition



1.Review Of Algebraic Techniques
2.Engineering Functions
3.The Trigonometic Functions
4.Coordinate Systems
5.Discrete Mathematics
6.Sequences And Series
8.Matrix Algebra
9.Complex Numbers

11.Techniques of Differentiation
12.Application of Differentiation
14.Techniques of Integration
15.Applications of Integration
16.Further Topics in Integration
17.Numerical Integration.
18.Taylor Polynomials, Taylor Series and Maclaurin Series.
19.Ordinary Differential Equations I
20.Ordinary Differential Equations II
21.The Laplace Transform
22.Difference Equations and the z Transform
23.Fourier Series
24.The Fourier Transform
25.Functions of Several Variables
26.Vector Calculus
27.Line Integrals and Multiple Integrals
29.Statistics and Probability Distributions

Appendix I Representing a continuous function and a sequence as a sum of weighted impulses

Appendix II The Greek alphabet

Appendix III SI units and prefixes

Appendix IV The binomial expansion of (n-N/n)n

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