An Introduction to Organic,
Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
3rd edition

By Catherine Housecroft & Edwin Constable
October 2005
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0131275674
1,316 pages, Illustrated, 4 " x 8 "
$115.00 paper original

Provides robust coverage of the different branches of chemistry - with unique depth in organic chemistry in an introductory text - helping students to develop a solid understanding of chemical principles, how they interconnect and how they can be applied to our lives.

KEY FEATURES: Chapters are grouped into inorganic, physical and organic components, with integrating themes highlighted throughout. This provides flexibility and highlights the connections between different areas. Topic boxes throughout the book highlight the applications of chemistry in industry, biology, the environment and the laboratory. These help students to understand the relevance of chemistry to everyday life.

The text is four - color throughout with 3D computer - generated artwork, and is supported by CHIME graphics on the companion website, helping students to visualize chemical structures. Definition boxes and end - of - chapter checklists provide excellent revision aids. End - of - chapter problems reinforce learning and develop subject knowledge; in this edition, answers to non - descriptive problems have been added at the end of the book. A companion website at www

Catherine E. Housecroft and Edwin C. Constable are both Professors of Chemistry at the University of Basel, Switzerland. They have extensive international teaching experience and their research interests include supramolecular chemistry, nanotechnology, organometallic and cluster chemistry. In 1997 Professor Constable was awarded the prestigious Howard lectureship for pre-eminence in organic chemistry or related disciplines by the University of Sydney, Australia.

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