Guide to Game Theory

By Fiona Carmichael
December 2004
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0273684965
304 pages, Illustrated
$110.00 Paper Original

A Guide to Game Theory explains the important concepts and techniques without using mathematical language or methods. Using a wide range of examples and applications this book covers decision problems confronted by firms, employers, unions, footballers, partygoers, politicians, governments, non-governmental organizations and communities.

Written for undergraduate students with little or no prior knowledge of game theory. This book supports any game theory module on an economics degree or indeed any course that addresses strategic problem solving.

1. Game theory toolbox
2. Moving together
3. Prisoners' dilemma
4. Taking turns
5. Hidden moves and risky choices
6. Mixing and evolving
7. Mystery players
8. Playing again and again...
9. Bargaining and negotiation

" The first four chapters cover the basic concepts and techniques such as zero sum games, the prisoners' dilemma, Nash equilibrium, and credible threats, without using mathematical language, enabling students who are alienated by maths to get to grips with the subject.
" In subsequent chapters analysis is built up in a step-by-step way in order to incorporate more interesting features of the world we live in - including coverage of risk, information asymmetries, signals, long term relationships, learning and negotiation.
" Breaks down mathematical barriers relying on a logical approach aided by tables and diagrams to tackle the issues.
" Exercises are embedded in the text of the chapters and additional problems and discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter to test understanding.
" Real world applications are introduced into the analysis in a sequential way, enabling students to build on their knowledge and understanding and appreciate the potential uses of the theory.
" Written by an author with a wealth of experience in helping students tackle this potentially daunting yet fascinating subject, as recognized by an award as 'Outstanding Teacher' for her course in game theory.
" A companion website provides teaching support with resources such as PowerPoint slides, summaries and exercises.

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