Social Psychology
Student Access Card Pack
5th Edition

By Michael Hogg, Graham Vaughan
November 2007
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.
Pearson / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9781405893640
764 Pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2" x 10 1/4"
$99.50 Paper Original

The fifth edition of Social Psychology continues to offer a comprehensive coverage from a European perspective, and has been thoroughly updated to include recent research, issues of topical interest and a selection of new Literature, Film and TV sections.

This is the ideal textbook for those studying social psychology and includes a range of features to aid independent study such as theory and concept boxes, research highlights and real world applications. Plus, the new user-friendly website features an interative recap and reminder of the main text, self test materials, and podcasts from different researchers for students to consolidate and test their understanding.  


1. Introducing social psychology
2. Social cognition and social thinking
3. Attribution and social knowledge
4. Self and identity
5. Attitudes
6. Persuasion and attitude change
7. Social influence
8. People in groups
9. Leadership and decision making
10. Prejudice and discrimination
11. Intergroup behaviour
12. Aggression
13. Attraction and close relationships
14. Prosocial behaviour
15. Language and communication
16. Culture


·        Addresses key issues in social psychology from a European perspective

·        Includes a range of features to aid independent study such as theory and concept boxes, research highlights and real world applications

·        Coverage of applied settings such as organisations, health, and the criminal justice system highlights the relevance of social psychology in the real world 

·        Packed with exciting research studies ranging from Allport to Zimbardo.

New to this edition:

·        Chapters on attitudes, aggression, leadership and decision making, prosocial behaviour, and attraction and close relationships have been significantly rewritten to include the latest thinking and developments

·        Literature, Film & TV sections have been updated to include the most recent examples of social psychology in the popular media

·        Increased coverage of topical areas including terror management theory, and social neuroscience


'I will never use another textbook for my social psychology courses!’ Dr Martin Hagger, University of Nottingham

 ‘Hogg & Vaughan is the most comprehensive social psychology text on the market and covers material in a more sophisticated manner than the competition. Moreover, the chapters on culture, self/identity, and language provide information that is often lacking.’ Dr Mark Burgess, Oxford Brookes University

‘I use the fourth edition of Hogg & Vaughan for my first-year class and can say that it makes teaching social psychology interesting and fun! The writing style is clear and engaging and conveys the passion of the authors even with difficult and potentially “dry” material.’ Dr Anja Eller, University of St Andrews

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