PowerPoint 2010

By Josh Hill
September 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273736158
266 pages, Illustrated
$34.50 Paper original

1. Getting familiar with PowerPoint 2010

a. The ribbon

b. The File tab

c. The Home tab

d. The Insert tab

e. The Design tab

f. The Transitions tab

g. The Animations tab

h. The Slide Show tab

i. The Review tab

j. The View tab

2. Working with slides

a. Add slides

b. Remove slides

c. Move slides

d. Adding text to slides

e. Apply a layout to a slide

f. Choosing slide templates

g. Applying backgrounds

h. Applying watermarks

i. Using themes

j. Adding headers and footers

k. Organising slides

3. Using tables

a. Adding a table to a slide

b. Adding rows, columns and cells to a table

c. Deleting rows or columns from a table

d. Merging cells in a table

e. Formatting tables

4. Adding clip art and graphics

a. Adding SmartArt graphics

b. Adding shapes

c. Deleting shapes

d. Modifying shapes

e. Wrap text around an object

f. Convert text to graphics

g. Adjust transparency of a picture

h. Adding charts and diagrams

i. Types of charts available

j. Change the style or layout of a chart

5. Adding media content

a. Compatible audio and video files

b. Embed a video into a presentation

c. Link to a video in a presentation

d. Deleting a video from a presentation

e. Set video play options in the presentation

f. Convert the presentation to a video

g. Adding audio to a presentation

6. Transitions and animations

a. Add transitions between slides

b. Change transitions between slides

c. Remove transitions between slides

d. Animate a SmartArt graphic

e. Animate text

f. Animate objects

7. Working with slideshows

a. Playing the slide show

b. AutoPlay the slide show

c. Broadcasting the slide show over the Internet

d. Saving the slide show to a CD or DVD

e. Printing the presentation