Model Marine Steam

By Stan Bray
November 2006
Special Interest Model Books
ISBN: 1854862456
144 pages, Illustrated, 8¼ x 11½"
$44.50 Paper Original

Stan Bray offers basic theory and detailed drawings giving instructions for powering model boats using live steam. Many types of engines are covered, including oscillating cylinder, piston, and poppet valve types, as well as the application of radio control to boiler and engine management.

Chapter 1. Steam Plant Design
Chapter 2. Boiler Water
Chapter 3. General Construction
Chapter 4. Oscillating Engines
Chapter 5. Slide Valve Engines
Chapter 6. Miscellaneous Engines
Chapter 7. Model Marine Boilers
Chapter 8. Boiler Design and Construction
Chapter 9. Boiler Fittings
Chapter 10. Boiler Firing Methods
Chapter 11. Boiler Feed Water Pumps
Chapter 12. Steam Engine Lubrication
Chapter 13. Going Astern
Chapter 14. Valve Gear
Chapter 15. Steam Turb
Chapter 16. Paddle Steamers
Chapter 17. Automatic Controls


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