Your Education Project Handbook

By Anthony Coles & Jim McGrath
May 2010
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408221242
198 pages
$47.50 Paper Original

This concise and accessible text is designed to prepare novice researchers in the planning, implementation, evaluation and writing-up of a small-scale research project, from first idea to finished product.

Assuming no prior research experience, this text will provide the support and guidance needed to begin writing a research project or dissertation in Education. The nature of research will be introduced, followed by advice on formulating a manageable set of objectives, selecting an appropriate research strategy and evaluating data. The fictional case study running throughout the book and conversational style help provide the simple, honest information that any student needs before undertaking a small-scale research project. This readable introduction will help students de-mystify the basics of writing a research project.  


Tutorial 1:  Getting started

Tutorial 2:  How to structure your research report

Tutorial 3:  Writing your literature review

Tutorial 4:  Choosing your research methodology

Tutorial 5:  Research strategies – case studies, action research and surveys

Tutorial 6:  Gathering your data – interviews and observations

Tutorial 7:  Gathering your data – documents and questionnaires

Tutorial 8:  Analysis of qualitative data

Tutorial 9:  Analysis of quantitative data

Tutorial 10:  Some final advice


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