Tort Law, 4th edition

Longman Law Series

By: Nicholas J. McBride & Roderick Bagshaw
March 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292010755
934 Pages
$110.00 Paper original


The essential guide to all aspects of Tort Law, you can rely on this textbook to give your students a thorough understanding of the subject, expose them to the key academic debates and research in this often controversial area, offer further reading suggestions and ensure that they are able to apply their subject knowledge and legal reasoning skills to problematic tort law scenarios.

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1. The Basics

2. Trespass to the Person

3. The Human Rights Act 1998

4. Claims in Negligence

5. Duty of Care – Introduction

6. Duty of Care – Acts

7. Duty of Care – Omissions

8. Breach of Duty

9. Causation

10. Actionability

11. Occupiers’ Liability

12. Product Liability

13. Liability for Animals

14. Trespass to Land

15. Private Nuisance

16. The Rule in Rylands Fletcher

17. Torts to Things

18. Torts to Intangible Property

19. Defamation

20. Harassment

21. Invasion of Privacy

22. Breach of Statutory Duty

23. Public Nuisance

24. The Economic Torts

25. Abuse of Power Torts

26. Defences

27. Nominal Damages

28. Compensatory Damages

29. Aggravated Damages

30. Exemplary Damages

31. Gain-Based Damages

32. Vindicatory Damages

33. Injunctions

34. Wrongful Death Claims

35. Other Third Party Claims

36. Accessory Liability

37. Vicarious Liability

38. Loss Compensation Schemes