Understanding Forces
How Forces Work

By Barry Dawson
December 2002
ISBN: 1-84285-011-3
150 pages, Illustrated, 5 1/4" x 8 1/2"
$31.95 paper original

Are you studying physics or engineering and dealing with the demands made on you in these courses? You may be studying mechanics as part of a mathematics course, or actually working in some field of construction or engineering. Then this is the Studymate for you. It explains how forces work in a way that will save you time and take you directly to the core of the concept, giving you a clear understanding of the mechanics of forces: forces defined, Hookes law clearly explained, calculations as models, how to combine forces, forces which change velocity, inertia & acceleration, forces that make things turn, forces which do work, circular movement and forces, forces caused by fields, pressure, forces that hold particles together, forces & oscillations, forces & flying.

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