Open Championship
Official Annual of the Open Championship 2005

By Robert Sommers, et al.
December 2005
Hazleton Publishing
ISBN: 1903135494
127 pages, Illustrated, 8” x 10 ¼”
$48.95 Hardcover


Open championships at St. Andrews are always memorable occasions, and 2005 was especially so as Jack Nicklaus brought his career to a close and Tiger Woods extended his remarkable run in championship golf by winning over the Old Course for the second time.

This is the annual of the Championship committee of the R&A and is the official record of that week at St. Andrews. Illustrated with color photographs and written by the leading golf journalists, this is the 22nd book in the series founded in 1984.

Filled with beautiful, 4-color photography, the contents include:
Foreword by Tiger Woods.
The venue--keys to the old course.
Description of the holes at St Andrews.
Exempt competitors.
Key to exemptions.
Local final qualifying.
International final qualifying.
Tiger's ominous warning.
First round leaders.
The new Australian.
Excerpts from the press. In the words of the competitors.
Donald--almost the invisible man.
Nicklaus steals the show.
2nd round leaders.
Jack Nicklaus--the fondest farewell.
Tiger enjoys being in Jack's shadow.
Third round--it's a tiger hunt.
3rd round leaders.
Montgomerie plays to the crowds.
4th round--alone at the top again.
4th round leaders.
Unflappable Couples moves up.
The Open results.The Open records.

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