Children & Social Policy

By Paul Daniel & John Ivatts
January 1998
Macmillan UK
ISBN: 0333652088
280 Pages
$69.50 paper original


'...this is a readable and thought-provoking book which takes a fresh look at a range of familiar policies. It serves as an interesting and challenging yardstick by which the effects of policies concerning children may be judged over the next few years.' - Roger Southard, The Lecturer

This book provides a critical account of British social policy since 1945 from the perspective of the child. Using the UN convention on the Rights of the Child as a yardstick, it examines a wide range of policy areas including health, education, housing, social security, child care and protection. It concludes with suggestions for making policy more child-centred. It will be of interest to a wide range of professionals and to anyone who is concerned with children's welfare.

Introduction Social Policy and Childhood: An Overview Children in Britain Today Children and Poverty Child Health and Health Care Policy Housing Policy and Children Early Childhood Education and Care Primary Education Child Welfare and Protection The Century of the Child? Bibliography Index

Author Biographies:
PAUL DANIEL is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the Roehampton Institute, London. He is co-author of Social Work and Local Politics. JOHN IVATTS is Visiting Lecturer in Social Policy at the Roehampton Institute, London.

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