Eastern & Southern Africa
Development Challenges in a Volatile Region
Developing Areas Research Group Series

By Deborah Potts & Tanya Bowyer-Bower
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-13-026468-7
$72.50 paper original

Eastern and Southern Africa- Development Challenges in a Volatile Region provides a concise and critical overview of the economic, political, social and environmental changes that have occurred in the region and of the challenges for future economic and human development. Within this framework, the book provides comprehensive guidance to theoretical debates over definitions, meanings, measurement and policy approaches to place the regional perspectives within their wider development context.

The countries covered include the twelve mainland members of the southern African regional grouping, the Southern African Development Community, and four eastern African countries which have particularly significant political and economic ties to countries within that group. The focus is on themes of key consequence and relevance for past and future development in the region. Eastern and Southern Africa- Development Challenges in a Volatile Region is the fifth book in the Developing Areas Research Group's Regional Development Series. This series adopts a largely thematic approach to development issues rather than the more traditional sectoral structure of other texts. The overall focus is on contemporary debates and perspectives on theory, policy and practice, covering a range of topics.

Key Features: critical analysis of the impact of globalization on development at various levels and scales including impact of conditional structural adjustment programmes on national economies and rural and urban livelihoods; influence of wider trade liberalizing measures such as European Union trade agreements; all chapters provide examples and case studies from the region the persistence of poverty and the devastating significance of the AIDS epidemic for development receive special attention emphasis on the importance of governance and regional politics in this politically volatile region; debates about environment and development linkages are analyzed in detail. Eastern and Southern Africa- Development Challenges in a Volatile Region is an ideal course text for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Development Studies, Geography, Politics, Sociology and Anthropology. It will also be of interest to researchers and development practitioners.

DARG is a research group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) and is a leading British research organization in the field. Deborah Potts is Senior Lecturer in Geography and Tanya Bowyer-Bower is Lecturer in Geography at King's College, University of London. Both are members of the Environment, Politics and Development Research Group in the Geography Department of KCL.

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