Engineering Materials, Volume Two
2nd edition

By R.L. Timings
July 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582404665
360 pages, Illus.
$72.50 Paper Original

Engineering Materials, Volume 2, expands upon the coverage offered in Volume 1, and together provide a comprehensive and highly practical review of basic science of materials technology for all engineering students. Both volumes have been rewritten and updated to match the requirements of the Advanced GNVQ, and BTEC NC/D and HNC/D Engineering specifications, and also form an excellent introduction to first-year engineering degree courses. This volume is divided into three key sections covering metallic materials, non-metallic materials and materials in service.

Part A - Metallic materials covers: alloy steels, the heat treatment of steels, welded and brazed metals and corrosion prevention.
Part B - Non-metallic materials covers: ceramics and composites, polymeric (plastic) materials and synthetic adhesives.
Part C - Materials in service covers: deformation and failure of materials, bearings and bearing materials, tool materials, electrical properties of materials and semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes.

This book leads naturally from the companion volume Engineering Materials Volume 1, intended as an introduction to the basic science of materials. The two volumes should be studied together for a full understanding of the materials and processes used in the study of Engineering Materials. The broad coverage of this two-volume approach ensures that these core texts not only satisfy the requirements of technician engineers up to the highest level but also provide an excellent technical background for undergraduates studying for a degree in mechanical engineering, materials engineering or combined engineering.


1. Alloy Steels
2. Heat Treatment of Steels
3. Ceramics and Composites
4. Tools Materials
5. Welded and Brazed Materials
6. Corrosion Prevention
7. Electrical Properties of Materials
8. Semiconductor Materials and Manufacturing Processes
9. Synthetic Adhesives
10. Materials in Service

" Is an ideal text for HNC/D and second-year degree courses in engineering
" Has been redesigned in a larger format and all illustrations have been reviewed and redrawn
" Has been brought fully up to date with current examples and includes student-oriented features such as chapter summaries, self-assessment exercises and end-of-chapter questions
" Includes a new chapter on polymeric materials

Engineering Materials, Volume One 2nd edition

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