OCR Information & Communication Technology GCSE:
Student's Book

By Steve Cushing, et al.
August 2010
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444108644
256 pages, Illustrated
$52.50 Paper original

OCR Information and Communication Technology GCSE Student's Book has been published to support OCR's new specification. Written by highly experienced senior examiners and teachers, the text covers the four units of the course:

- ICT in Today's World
- Practical Applications in ICT
- ICT in Context
- Creative use of ICT and Coding a solution

The core knowledge and understanding required by students for the examined units is provided through an accessible and comprehensive narrative. Tasks and exam-style questions are provided throughout the chapters, providing students with opportunities to prepare for the exams.

Students are also provided with support in tackling the tasks demanded by Units 2 and 4a / 4b of the course.

  • Written by senior examiners of the new course
  • Hodder Education has OCR Publishing partner status - ensuring quality and appropriateness for the course.
  • Fully supports the examined units (including the new pre release assessment) as well as the requirements of the controlled assessment elements of the course

Table of Contents:
ICT in Today's World
ICT in Today's World
Exchanging Information
Presenting Information
Manipulating Data
Keeping Data Safe and Secure
Legal, Social, Ethical and Environmental Issues when using ICT
Using ICT Systems
Monitoring, Measurement and Control Technology
ICT and Modern Living
Practical Applications in ICT
Investigating a Need
Practical Use of Software Tools to Produce a Working Solution
Practical Use of File and Data Structure to Produce a Working Solution
Present a Solution
ICT in Context
ICT Innovation in Five Businesses: Introduction
Art Gallery: IndepArt
A Fashion Retailer: Ote KoKotur
A Theatre: Pea Hints on Halfsbury Avenue
A Dentist: Dr Jay Maloden
A Manufacturing Company: Hedsup
Creative Use of ICT and Coding a Solution
Introduction to the Creative Use of ICT and Coding a Solution
Testing your Solution
Evaluating your Solution and Working with Others

About the Author(s):
Steve Cushing is a well-known and respected author, examiner and trainer. Brian Gillinder is a former head of ICT in a large comprehensive school. He has been a senior examiner of GCSE ICT for many years. George Rouse is a senior examiner and current head of ICT. All three authors have been involved in the writing of the new OCR course.


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