Effective Study Skills

By Geraldine Price & Pat Maier
September 2007
Pearson Longman
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publication
ISBN: 9781405840736
360 pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4 x 9 1/2"
$39.50 paper original

This is a high-quality, rigorous academic skills textbook providing essential guidance to the core areas of practical, aspirational and transferable skills needed by a student both to achieve success on any academic course and to secure improved grades.

It will also develop key workplace skills that will enable them to achieve success in their onward career. 


How to use this book
Learning in HE

This book will help you :

1 … Manage Yourself
1.1     Managing Stress
1.2     Managing your Time
2 … Improve Your Work
2.1     Note-making techniques
2.2     How to get the most out of lectures
2.3     Working in a Real Team
2.4     Presenting your work
2.5     Excelling in Exams
3 …Optimize Your Reading
3.1     Skills for efficient reading
3.2     Finding your way around text
3.3     Critical Reading
3.4     Managing your reading
4 …Develop Your Writing
4.1     Taking control of the writing process
4.2     Understanding Academic Integrity: plagiarism
4.3     Making the most of tutors’ feed-back



Self-assessment exercises will increase engagement and further embed the skills

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