Choice of Poets
New Edition

By Dr. David Edwards
December 1999
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 0174326076
314 pages
$33.50 paper original

This well-loved and trusted anthology has been fully revised to include the major poets of our day. A Choice of Poets is organized chronologically, providing an overview of poetic tradition and development spanning more than four centuries, from Marlowe to Heaney. In addition to the thought-provoking commentary on each poem, historical background information facilitates the study of poetry in context and as a response to the changing world. Poets include: Wyatt. Shakespeare. Marlowe. Raleigh. Donne. Milton. Pope. Blake. Wordsworth. Shelley. Keats. Tennyson. Browning. Bronte. Arnold. Hardy. Brooke. Yeats. Eliot. Lawrence. Frost. Auden. Larkin. Hughes. Plath. Heaney. Walcott. Nichols.

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