Health Phenomena
How & Why Advancement in Civilsation has Disturbed Our Physical & Mental Health

By Muhammad Iqbal
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245213
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
164 pages, Illustrated
$36.50 Hardcover

Dr Muhammad Iqbal's research shows how man's advances in civilization have compromised his ability to resist disease and infection. Throughout, civilized man with all his ailments is compared and contrasted with the health of a wild animal living disease-free in a natural state. Dr Iqbal cites our unnatural way of life, our overefficient protection from cold in the winter, our upright stance which has led to a loss of physiological function, and especially our preference for a spiced, roughage-free diet. His discussion of an intricately interlinked web of cause and effect covers aspects including the blood and lymphatic circulation, cancer, hereditary diseases and nervous tension.

He takes into consideration congestion, acidity and physiological and pathological aspects of health and disease. The ineffective use of medicines is highlighted, and contrasted with the author's efficacy of cold water baths, fasting, exercise, and a diet high in roughage, fruit and vegetables. Dr Iqbal shows us that by following his methods, good health is achievable.


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