Community of Europe, 2nd edition
A History of European Integration Since 1945

By Derek W. Urwin
December 1994
Pearson Education
ISBN: 058223199X
304 pages
$69.50 Paper Original

This hugely successful history of political and economic integration in Western Europe since the Second World War -- and especially, but by no means exclusively, the European Community itself -- was first published in 1991, to general acclaim. Since then much turbulent water has flowed under the bridges of Maastricht and Strasbourg. Now, in this welcome Second Edition, Derek Urwin has brought the story fully up to date, with an account of developments since 1991 and an assessment of the mood and prospects of Europe and the Community today.

Abbreviations and acronyms Editorial foreword 1. The persisting idea of Europe 2. The Cold War, the United States and Europe 3. The opening gambits 4. The European Coal and Steel Community 5. The road to Rome 6. The European Economic Community 7. The Europe of the Seven 8. De Gaulle and the EEC 9. The question of enlargement 10. Movement on all fronts 11. The revival of ambition 12. The emergence of summitry 13. The internal policy world of the EC 14. Problems of territorial assimilation 15. The search for political integration 16. Towards 1992 Appendices. A guide to further reading. Map showing the growth of the European Economic Community Index Features " The Second Edition takes account of developments since 1991. " Sets these developments in their widest political and economic context. " Assesses the prospects for Europe and the Community today.

Review 'No student of postwar European co-operation or well-informed citizen of Europe should be without this book.' History

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