Tools & Cutter Sharpening
Workshop Practice Series, no. 38

By Harold Hall
July 2006
Special Interest Model Books
ISBN: 1854862413
133 pages, Illustrated, 5¾ x 8¼"
$21.95 Paper Original

A useful and comprehensive look at tool and cutter sharpening, which may be both the most useful and the least understood of all workshop activities. This text focuses on using an off hand grinder and some simple accessories to complete most sharpening tasks to produce highly skilled and professional results.

Chapter 1. Sharpening - An Introduction
Chapter 2. Drill Sharpening
Chapter 3. Grinding Rests
Chapter 4. Sharpening Lathe Tools
Chapter 5. Sharpening End Mills
Chapter 6. Other Milling Cutters
Chapter 7. Small Workshop Tools
Chapter 8. Woodworking Tools
Chapter 9. Making a Grinding Rest
Chapter 10. Making the End Mill Sharpening Accessory
Chapter 11. Making Simple Accessories for the Grinding Rest
Chapter 12. Making Drill Sharpening Accessories
Chapter 13. A Tool and Cutter Grinding Head


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