Brilliant Primary School Teacher

By Kevin Harcombe
May 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273732501
248 pages
$39.50 paper original

What does it really take to become a brilliant teacher?

Award-winning teacher Kevin Harcombe draws on his 24 years in the classroom to help build your confidence through enlightening and reassuring advice and case studies taken directly from the chalkface. This book will become the companion you need to teach engaging lessons with impact, plan and assess effectively and focus on your career prospects and development.

Learn how to work with colleagues to achieve results and build a positive environment for learning in your classroom, whilst focusing on what you can do become an outstanding teacher.



Chapter 1 Getting the job

Chapter 2 Working with colleagues

Chapter 3 Brilliant learning

Chapter 4 Working with different abilities

Chapter 5 Achieving brilliant behaviour

Chapter 6 Parent power and the power of parents

Chapter 7 Standards

Chapter 8 Pupil voice: without scaring the teachers

Chapter 9 Keeping safe

Chapter 10 Lesson observation

Chapter 11 “But I haven't got time to work out my work-life balance!”

Chapter 12 Shaping your own future

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