Na Klar!
Na Klar! Student's Book 3. German

By Christe, Colin
May 2004
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0748778209
$38.50 Paper Original

All exam topics are covered thoroughly and with stimulating material. Sections on Reading, Speaking and Coursework also support students in exam preparation. End-of-unit-vocabulary summaries provide support for practising and recycling key language, representing an ideal self-assessment tool. Grammar is explained and practised throughout Workbooks, especially designed with students' requirements in mind, provide practice for the exam and also provide a record of their work for exam revision. The single volume "Student's Book" provides stepped tasks throughout with material suitable for both Foundation and Higher Tier candidates.

Extra activities provide further challenge for Higher Tier candidates (B-A*). Two workbooks for Foundation and Higher Tier candidates provide activities relevant for exam revision. There are worksheets (Resource and Assessment File) to support and extend the core material in the "Student's Book". The assessment sheets cater for Foundation, Overlap and Higher candidates. A dedicated skills feature practises important language skills and makes patterns and language strategies explicit ICT opportunities continue through Key Stage 4 with regular suggestions in the "Teacher's Book".

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