Broadmoor: A History of a Psychiatric Hospital

By: Dr. Harvey Gordon
August 2015
Psychology News Press
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780907633280
299 Pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Hardcover


In 2013 Broadmoor celebrated its 150th anniversary. The asylum was for a long time one of the most secretive places in Britain. It housed some of the country's most dangerous men and women. Ronnie Kray was a patient and Peter Sutcliffe is still there now. Princess Diana visited the asyluma number of times and worried the managers because she insisted on speaking to patients sometimes on her own.

Those who lived - and in some cases died - inside its walls include a man who helped write the Oxford English Dictionary, the great Victorian painter, Richard Dadd, the serial poisoner Graham Young and someone less famous, James Kelly, who two authors think was Jack the Ripper.

The book offers a unique insider's look at the hospital, its history, its successes and its failures.